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Advisor search & matching Software with emotion

Put the scepter in the hands of your customers and let them decide who they want to be advised by. Inspire your users with emotion and fun during the the search for an advisor. You can design the customer journey the way you like it. Tip: Link your online campaigns directly to the appropriate advisor profiles.

Let’s connect.

Become a Digital Consulting Center in the blink of an eye

The baningo connect platform solution elevates analog business models into the digital age. With comparatively little effort, your employees are where your customers are - online. Create an emotional or factual customer journey with individual click paths. Position your employees in the spotlight and offer your customers a variety of contact options as well as the possibility to directly book an appointment in your calendar of your employees.

More than 10,000 satisfied customers

Many renowned companies have our software applications in use. You can now offer your customers new ways to connect with you digitally.

Let’s connect.
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Customer Journey

You can design the click path on the way to the advisor search as you wish. Ask about the concerns of your clients' concerns, their preferences for advice, and only select those advisors who really fit the bill.

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Consulting anywhere & anytime

Ask where your customers want to be advised and the consultation should take place online or offline. This way every branch becomes an online branch, regardless of opening hours.

Your team in the spotlight

Once the user has answered all questions, only those consultants who are the best fit appear in a clear list view. All contact types are listed. In addition, there is the option of calling up the detailed profile.

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sample view profile on laptop

Detail profile customizable

The detail view of the employee offers you the possibility of a personal design. Areas of expertise, education, experience up to hobbies - let your employees shine.

Online appointment booking system

With the advisor profile, users can book themselves directly in the calendar of the advisor's calendar to book in. The capacities of the employees can be be managed conveniently in the background. The system is compatible with all common calendar systems.

Learn more about the online appointment booking system
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software solution with reporting and analytics tool

Reporting & Analysis

The integrated privacy-compliant statistics tool gives you you valuable insights into the workload of your sales team. How many appointment bookings did you receive? What is your conversion rate?

Learn more about reporting

Get started in just one day

The baningo connect platform solution is a white-label software (SaaS) that can be easily connected in just one business day to be conveniently connected. Learn all about the architecture behind the scenes and take a look at our software documentation.

Support that grows your business

From the on-boarding process to ongoing support and consulting services, the baningo support team is there for you. Our first-class customer service provides you with answers in the shortest possible time without long waiting periods - whether it's a question in daily use or strategic advice on how to use our products more successfully.

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More sales through more customer contact

Surveys show that customers who choose their advisor themselves, build a closer relationship. This leads to higher sales throughout the customer lifecycle. If advisors are easier to find online, this has been shown to lead to more online online visitors, higher contact rates and, consequently, higher revenues sales from both new and existing customers.

One solution & countless advantages

Landing pages

Our software solution leads to more online leads, new customers and higher close rates.

Customer loyalty

Increase the loyalty of your customers through more self-determination And benefit from increased contact frequency (cross selling).

Analysis & Monitoring

Analyze customer behavior through the included reporting tool.

Learn more about the reporting tool

(Re)activating the "sleeping" stock

Leverage potential of existing customers and prevent churn to other banks.

Switching advisors becomes a positive experience

Surprise your customers with the opportunity to self-select their new advisor choose.

Wide range of applications in online marketing

Use the baningo connect platform for online campaigns and link directly to the matching advisor profiles.