About us | Baningo GmbH

We create things that matter

Our company was founded by a dynamic and change-driven team aiming to create an innovative business where customers and employees alike really profit from.

Our story

Max & Harald founded baningo in Vienna in 2015. From the beginning, the two were united by a passion - they wanted to develop a solution to digitally take banking, customer service and customer experience to a new level. They quit their corporate jobs, founded their own company and developed a software platform where customers can find the best financial advisors at their bank online.

Over the years, the solution was further developed and baningo connect was created, a „digital consulting center“ with many additional features, such as an online appointment system or reporting tool that thousands of users from prestigious banks, insurance companies and businesses in other industries in the DACH region use. With so many creative minds in the team, new products are constantly being developed, such as the baningo cards - digital business cards.

Meet our team of tech enthusiasts

We love technology and IT. Our approach has changed the mind of many traditional banks. We are experts when it comes to elevating analog customer relationships to a new digital level.