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Savings Banks Advisor Finder

The baningo connect platform solution is also known as the advisor finder in the savings bank world. With all its features, every branch becomes a digital consulting center without any effort. Thanks to cooperation with S-Markt and Mehrwert, savings banks can obtain the advisor finder quickly and easily by means of a service voucher.

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Become a Digital Consulting Center in the blink of an eye

With the baningo connect platform solution (advisor finder), you can build your digital advisory center in an uncomplicated way. From advisor matching, appointment booking tool, reporting and analysis tool, role management, direct messenger, contact forms and many more features, baningo connect offers you all the possibilities you need to raise analog business models to a new digital level. Under the menu item Products you will find all features described in detail.

More than 10,000 satisfied customers

Many renowned companies have our software applications in use. You can now offer your customers new ways to connect with you digitally.

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Free choice of advisor with emotion

Our software solution has initiated a paradigm shift in customer relationship management at banks. Put the scepter in the hands of your customers and let them determine who they they want to be advised by. Inspire your customers through emotion and fun in the search for advisors. Our search can be designed the way you like it. Sober and objective or upbeat and emotional. Tip: You can also cleverly integrate the advisor search in advertising campaigns and display only the relevant advisors there.

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Online appointment booking system

Enable your customers to book appointments directly with the advisor of their choice. The advisor finder solution includes an online appointment booking system. The free appointments and capacities of your employees can be conveniently set in the background. The system is compatible with all common calendar systems like as well as the Sparkassen OSPlus system.

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Cooperation with S-Markt & Mehrwert

Thanks to the S-Markt & Mehrwert performance certificate, Sparkassen can obtain the baningo connect platform (also known as the advisor finder) quickly and easily.

baningo connect for savings banks
Performance Certificate S-Markt & Mehrwert

Your advantages by using the advisor finder

Many savings banks already have baningo connect (advisor finder) in use. Excellent Feedback we have also received in the MOVE customer survey by s-Hub (06/2019). Our solution has grown over the years through ongoing development with the help of savings banks and their their customers. The increased visibility and ease of accessibility on the web is demonstrably to higher earnings. Of course, individual customizations are also possible. Our software solution naturally offers the highest level of data privacy and information security.

One solution & countless advantages

Customer acquisition

Our software solution leads to more online leads, new customers and higher close rates.

Customer loyalty

Increase the loyalty of your customers through more self-determination and benefit from increased contact frequency (cross selling).

Analysis & Monitoring

Analyze customer behavior through the included reporting tool.

Learn more about the reporting tool

(Re)activating the "sleeping" stock

Leverage potential of existing customers and prevent churn to other banks.

Change of advisor becomes positive experience

Surprise your customers with the possibility of self-determination in choosing their new advisor.

Wide range of applications in online marketing

Use the advisor finder and link your campaigns directly to the appropriate advisor profiles.

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Support that grows your business

From the on-boarding process to ongoing support and consulting services, the baningo support team is there for you. Our first-class customer service provides you with answers in the shortest possible time without long waiting periods - whether it's a question in daily use or strategic advice on how to use our products more successfully.

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