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baningo GmbH

Company name and headquarters

baningo GmbH
Sechskrügelgasse 2/7
1030 Vienna, Austria

Office address:

Kirchengasse 18/15
1070 Vienna, Austria

Company register number

FN 436066z

Court of jurisdiction

Commercial Court Vienna

Commercial Authority

Magistrate's District Office for the 03rd District (Vienna)

VAT number



+43 1 712 44 43



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Managing partners

Harald Meinl, LLM.oec. and Mag. Maximilian Nedjelik

Shareholders whose shareholding exceeds 25%

Harald Meinl, LLM.oec. and Mag. Maximilian Nedjelik

Object of the company

Operation of an independent, bank-independent web platform that enables users to locate and communication with banks and bank advisors of their choice.

Chamber affiliation

Professional association management consulting and information technology

Access to the legislation

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