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Deine digitale Visitenkarte immer griffbereit

Get your own NFC business card starting from just € 9.90!

Prefer to hold a physical card in your hand? No worries! You can purchase NFC business cards in different materials and customizable designs to fit your preferences.

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Functions of baningo cards

Text fields

Use text fields as placeholders for written information, which may include details about yourself, your company, offers, and other relevant information.

Contact Form

Harvest leads, gather contacts, and enable your customers to easily reach out to you as needed.


Add contact information of your assistant to your profile to ensure your contacts always have someone to reach out to when you're unavailable.


Create multiple teams for each department, company, or event you're part of, and effortlessly manage numerous cards—all for the cost of a single user.

baningo appointment booking tool

Our own appointment booking tool you can connect to your internal calendar system.


Elements include VCard, Wallet Card Download, phone number, email address, social media profiles, various links to websites, appointment schedulers, or calendars, and more!

We use the tool in all areas of Haspa, i.e. sales and operations. Employees always have their digital business cards with them on their iPads and also use them in their email signatures to share contact details across all channels. Young customers in particular are thrilled with this and are very happy to use the digital business card option.

Birte Quitt, Divisional Vice President Private and Corporate Customers, HASPA

Birte Quitt, Divisional Vice President Private and Corporate Customers, HASPA

With baningo, we are flexible and can react quickly when new employees are hired or positions are changed. The digital business card contributes to the reduction of our carbon footprint and the person receiving the business card no longer has to type the information, as the contact details can be saved on the smartphone or a desired contact method can be used directly.

Marius Warneke, Digital Transformation Manager, YPOG

Marius Warneke, Digital Transformation Manager, YPOG

The experience with baningo cards in our company so far has been extremely positive. Our employees have quickly adopted the platform and appreciate the ease of use and flexibility it offers. The feedback we have received particularly highlights the time savings, the ability to make quick updates, and the convenient way of keeping in touch.

Michèle Kern, Public Relations, sbp se

Michèle Kern, Public Relations, sbp se

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From the on-boarding process to ongoing support and consulting services, the baningo support team is there for you. Our first-class customer service provides you with answers in the shortest possible time without long waiting periods - whether it's a question in daily use or strategic advice on how to use our products more successfully.

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