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Your digital business card for seamless networking

Leave paper behind and embrace the digital era. Exchange your contact information effortlessly, sustainably, and innovatively with baningo cards, the ultimate solution for professionals and businesses.

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Leave the networking's walls in the past

Be honest - most paper business cards are gathering dust in the office drawers around the world. Be a pioneer in digital networking and offer your customers the best way to network directly with you. You'll save paper and protect the environment at the same time - it doesn't get more sustainable than that.

Your business card always in reach

Lost, forgotten, crumpled - with baningo cards these problems are behind you. Every member of your team gets a public profile, which can be accessed via a unique link. Share the link with QR code in online meetings, in signatures, or with your smartphone at real-life events. Neither you nor your customers need an app.

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Deine digitale Visitenkarte immer griffbereit

Be where your customers spend the most time

Share your contact information via the Wallet app. Your card is then stored directly on your customer's smartphone. This opens up completely new possibilities in contacting and recommending.

NFC card - the practical gadget for on the go

No more hassle of unlocking your phone to share your contact information. The durable NFC cards in credit card format prove to be especially practical for real-life events such as trade fairs or customer appointments. When your customer touches the card, your your digital business card.

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Save contact data as VCF file directly on the phone

Save contact information with one click

Save your customer the trouble of typing contact data. Allow saving your data directly on the phone with just one click (via VCF file).

Digital business cards for your whole team

Effortlessly manage and personalize digital business cards for your whole team. Create multiple teams, invite members, set permissions, and showcase your corporate identity with logos and design colors—all seamlessly handled from one central hub.

Digital business cards for your
                    whole team
GDPR compliant & ISO certified

GDPR compliant & ISO certified

Data protection and information security are our highest priority. All data is hosted in ISO27001 certified data centers in Germany. Our customers include renowned banks and insurance companies that have audited our processes and given the green light for implementation.

Share social media profiles with your baningo card

Share what you like

With your digital business card, your customer can capture your social media profiles all at once. Whether LinkedIn, YouTube or Instagram - with baningo cards it's easy for your customer to connect with you.

Neither you nor your customers need to install an app, to save your card. The solution is compatible with iOS and Android devices.

Advantages of the digital business card

Sharing Made Easy

Effortlessly share your information, both online and offline, through URL links, QR codes, or NFC cards—without the need for app downloads.

Always Up-to-Date

Any changes to your profile, such as name, contact details, links, or other information, will automatically update across all the wallet-cards you've shared.

Eco-Friendly Solution

Embrace sustainability by reducing paper waste with our innovative digital solution, complemented by NFC cards crafted from recycled PVC material.

Reports & Analytics

Stay informed on the usage of your digital business cards and make smarter, data-driven decisions.

Your Design, Your Brand

Customize the appearance of your cards to align with your company branding. Add your logo, colors, and elements that truly reflect your brand identity.

Team Management

Effortlessly manage one or more teams centrally. Design unique cards, invite team members, set permissions, and track stats—all from a single, centralized hub

Discover our customer successes

We use the tool in all areas of Haspa, i.e. sales and operations. Employees always have their digital business cards with them on their iPads and also use them in their email signatures to share contact details across all channels. Young customers in particular are thrilled with this and are very happy to use the digital business card option.

Birte Quitt, Divisional Vice President Private and Corporate Customers, HASPA

Birte Quitt, Divisional Vice President Private and Corporate Customers, HASPA

With baningo, we are flexible and can react quickly when new employees are hired or positions are changed. The digital business card contributes to the reduction of our carbon footprint and the person receiving the business card no longer has to type the information, as the contact details can be saved on the smartphone or a desired contact method can be used directly.

Marius Warneke, Digital Transformation Manager, YPOG

Marius Warneke, Digital Transformation Manager, YPOG

The experience with baningo cards in our company so far has been extremely positive. Our employees have quickly adopted the platform and appreciate the ease of use and flexibility it offers. The feedback we have received particularly highlights the time savings, the ability to make quick updates, and the convenient way of keeping in touch.

Michèle Kern, Public Relations, sbp se

Michèle Kern, Public Relations, sbp se

Your business card with NFC & QR code

In addition to your digital business card, would you like to have something in your hand? Then the baningo card is exactly the right thing for you. The card is made of plastic and is equipped with an NFC chip. When the other person holds their smartphone near the card, the digital business card automatically opens on the smartphone.

Your logo and the cardholder's name will be placed on the card.

Sustainable networking

Almost every second industrially felled tree is processed into paper. Help reduce that number. baningo cards eliminate the need to reprint business cards due to name changes or changes in extension, address or position.

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