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If you would like to have access to our online software description, please feel free to contact our customer support at any time at If you already have access to the software description then click here .

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From the on-boarding process to ongoing support and consulting services, the baningo support team is there for you. Our first-class customer service provides you with answers in the shortest possible time without long waiting periods - whether it's a question in daily use or strategic advice on how to use our products more successfully.

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Our FAQ about privacy

Where is our data stored?

Is our data safe in an emergency?

Is data transmitted and stored encrypted?

Which sub-processors does the baningo GmbH and how is appropriate data security ensured here as well?

Are processes established to train the Controllers in dealing with the rights of individuals under Articles 15 to 21 of the GDPR. support?

Does baningo GmbH offer a standard AV contract?

Does the company have a Data Protection Policy and are all employees regularly trained on compliance with the GDPR? trained?

Does baningo GmbH have an internal set of set of rules regarding data protection and information security?

Has a data protection officer been appointed?

Does baningo GmbH maintain a data processing register according to Art. 30 DSGVO?