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The 6 must-haves for every professional digital business card

Deciding what to put on a business card is not an easy task. Here you will learn about the 6 most important elements on your digital business card and how to solve the challenge of the lack of space.

June 2022 | Guide
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Traditional paper business cards have been around for centuries and are an important part of business meetings or networking. Whether students or managers, everyone uses them. However, the question of the correct content of the business card is not so easy to clarify - especially not when you are limited to a small piece of paper or cardboard.

The solution to avoid the space problem is to put the business cards online. Digital business cards are not only more modern and environmentally friendly than printed business cards, they also offer endless space for everything that is important to you.

When creating a business card, whether paper or digital, consider our 6 must-haves.

What information should a business card contain?

1. Your name, your position and your organization or business

Your name is definitely one of the most important items on your business card. People often ask, "Should I put my nickname on my business card?" The answer is yes! Adding your full name (including your nickname) to your business card is important as it gives insight into your personality.

baningo cards is a professional digital business card solution for companies and the self-employed. With our Free-Plan you can use our digital business cards completely free of charge for up to 10 team members. Additionally to your name, we offer many other possibilities. You can specify and change the following at any time:

  • Prefix / prepended title
  • First name
  • Surname
  • Suffix/suffixed title
  • Position
  • Organization
Name on your baningo card

2. A photo or avatar of you

Should I put my photo on my business card or not? A frequently asked question that often answers itself with classic paper business cards, since there is usually simply no space for a photo and the print quality does not always allow it.

With our digital business cards, however, this is not a problem. Here you should even upload a photo or an avatar of yourself to give your digital business card a personal touch.

At networking conferences and events, it's easy to forget who you met. Adding a photo on the digital business card is a great way for people to name a face (and vice versa) and help others remember you.

Profilbild digitale Visitenkarte

3. Contact options

One of the most important perks of business cards is to show other people ways to get in touch with you quickly and easily.

Again, space is always a limiting factor with paper business cards. On digital business cards you can enter any number of contact options you like. This increases the frequency of contact and helps you with your business. The following contact options are available to you, among others:

  • Telephone number (home, work, mobile, fax and etc.)
  • Email addresses (private, work, other)
  • Your postal address / your location (branch, office location, headquarters, etc.)
  • Contact forms
  • Scheduling an appointment (either using the built-in scheduling feature or using links to Calendly or others.)
  • Appointment request form
Kontaktmöglichkeiten bei deiner digitalen Visitenkarte

4. Your own website and landing pages

Your own website is one of the most important marketing tools for any business model. Some business models even work purely online via your own website. It is therefore important to have your own website on your business card.

On your website or on certain landing pages, you convey information about your service and your brand, provide solutions to problems, and offer ways to sign up directly or buy your service/product online.

With our digital business cards you can link to any number of websites and landing pages and also change these links centrally at any time. This way, your contacts will always see the services you want to share.

5. Social Media, Messaging Apps & Marketing Sites

Social selling is becoming more and more important. In contrast to the analogue business card, the digital card offers the possibility of linking any number of social media links. No matter whether to your private Twitter profile or your LinkedIn company account.

You can also link your favorite messaging apps such as WhatsApp, Telegram, Signal or WeChat to offer your contacts additional options for making contact. Does your company offer support through a specific channel? If so, perfect – link it directly as well.

If you use online services to advertise your products, upload marketing materials, conduct surveys or collect customer reviews, then link these pages in your digital business card with the push of a button.

Here is a selection of examples of which pages you could also link to:

  • Dropbox, Google Drive or other cloud sites with your content such as flyers, PDFs, etc.
  • Links to YouTube or Vimeo videos
  • Hubspot, Salesforce and other CRM tools
  • Yelp Pages
  • Pinterest
  • Capterra
  • Proven Expert
  • Your Amazon shop
  • etc.
Social media, messaging apps & marketing pages on digital business card

6. Assistants / Representatives

Someone supports or represents you in certain matters? What was difficult to do on your old paper business card is very easy on your digital business card. Just add another person to your digital business card. You can add the following information:

  • First name
  • Surname
  • Phone number
  • E-mail address
  • Photo
Assistants / representatives on the digital business card

These are our 6 must-haves on every professional business card. Of course you can add more to your card at any time, but with our 6 recommendations you already have a very good digital business card that gets you ready to start networking.

If you want to try our digital business cards, click here and create your free business card in the Free Plan right away.

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