Networking at Conferences: Why Digital Business Cards Are a Must-Have

Networking at Conferences: Why Digital Business Cards Are a Must-Have

Networking is an essential part of business growth and development, and conferences are a great opportunity to meet new people and build relationships. With the rise of digital technology, digital business cards are becoming an increasingly popular tool for professionals to use at conferences.

In this article, we'll discuss the benefits of using digital business cards at conferences and provide tips for creating and using them effectively.

May 2023
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Benefits of Using Digital Business Cards when Networking at Conferences

Going digital is becoming more and more popular and with business cards it's no different. Using digital business cards brings numerous benefits that can make your networking more memorable, efficient, and convenient!

Let’s look at some of our favourite benefits more closely:

1. Digital business cards are more eco-friendly

While traditional paper business cards require resources like trees to be cut down, and a significant amount of water and energy to manufacture and print them, including various chemicals such as bleach and dyes, digital business cards can be easily created and shared without the need for any physical materials, significantly reducing the amount of waste and carbon footprint.

With the increasing importance of sustainability and environmental consciousness, using digital business cards is an easy way to demonstrate your commitment to the planet.

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2. Digital business cards can include additional information

Digital business cards offer the flexibility to include a wide range of information beyond just your name, phone number, and email address. With a digital card, you can add links to your social media profiles, website, blog, or even a preferred appointment scheduler, making it easy for anyone you meet at a conference to follow or contact you.

You can also attach a link to a presentation or any other relevant materials, making it a comprehensive tool for sharing your professional or product information with anyone you network with.

Check out this article for more inspiration on what to put on your digital business card!

3. Digital business cards are a great conversation starter

Using a digital business card to network at conferences can be a great icebreaker and conversation starter. Traditional paper business cards can often look the same and blend in with the crowd, making it hard to stand out.

Digital business cards are a
                great conversation starter

However, digital business cards can be customized with unique designs and additional information as we mentioned in the previous point, which can make it easier for people to strike up a conversation with you, as they may be curious about the information on your digital card or simply impressed by its visual appeal.

4. Digital business cards are a great way to spread brand awareness

As we already mentioned, digital business cards can be customized with unique designs. You can include your company logo, brand colors, or, for example, your picture, which will help you establish a strong brand image in the minds of potential clients or partners.

When you share your digital business card at a conference or networking event, you're not just providing your contact information, you're also presenting your brand to the people you meet. This can help you make a lasting impression and create a more memorable networking experience for everyone involved.

5. Digital business cards can help you harvest leads and followers

By including links to social media profiles, contact forms or other call-to-actions on your digital business card, you make it easy for people to connect with you online and continue the conversation.

This ease of access can lead to more than just new social media followers or newsletter sign-ups. It can also help you generate new leads, increase your chances of finding potential clients, and foster meaningful professional relationships with people you network with at conferences.

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Creating a Memorable Digital Business Card

Creating a memorable digital business card is a crucial part of successful networking at conferences. With baningo, you can easily create and design your card according to your company branding and add whatever information about you or your company you deem necessary.

To create a standout digital business card, you need to understand your audience and the purpose of the conference or networking event you're attending.

For example, if you're attending a trade show, consider including more information about your product or service, such as a link to a presentation or a product demo video. On the other hand, if you're attending a job fair, include open positions, a brief introduction of your company and values, or benefits you offer to attract potential candidates.

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You can also make your digital business card more memorable by adding a unique design or a catchy tagline that reflects your brand which will help you stand out from the crowd. However, it's important to keep your card always updated. This means adding new services or products you offer, new social media accounts you've created, or even a new job title.

Tailoring your digital business card to the specific audience and purpose of each conference or networking event you attend will help you make a strong first impression and establish valuable connections with other professionals in your field.

Creating a Memorable Digital Business Card

Tips for Using Your Digital Business Card Effectively at Conferences

To use your digital business card effectively when networking at conferences and various other events, we prepared several tips you should keep in mind:

1. Have your digital business card ready to share

One of the advantages of a digital business card is that it's always with you on your phone, so make sure it's easily accessible when you need it.

You can download your QR code and add it to your phone screen, save a shortcut to your business card directly to your phone's home screen, or even save it in your wallet app for easy access.

2. Leverage all the sharing options baningo offers

Baningo offers various sharing options for your digital business card, including scanning a QR code, sending a link, and using NFC cards.

NFC cards are particularly convenient as all it takes is a tap on your counterpart's phone for your business card to open.

Additionally, as a speaker at a conference, you can include a QR code in your presentation, add your link to your email signature, print your link or QR code on various leaflets, and more.

3. Be selective

Don't just share your digital business card with everyone you meet. Take the time to have a meaningful conversation with each person and determine if there is a potential business relationship before sharing your card.

By avoiding connections that are unlikely to turn into business opportunities or professional relationships, you can focus on building connections that will bring value to you or your business.

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Final Thoughts

Whether you're attending a trade show, job fair, or industry conference, knowing how to create and use digital business cards effectively can help you stand out and make valuable connections with potential clients and colleagues.

By utilizing the tips and strategies we've shared, you can create a memorable and effective digital business card that represents your brand and showcases your unique offerings, so sign up for baningo today and elevate your networking game!

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