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Electronic Business Card - the modern alternative to the classic business card

In a world that is becoming increasingly digital, even the business card is no longer what it once was. The traditional business card is not only cumbersome to distribute and store, it's but also bad for the environment. The electronic business card, on the other hand, offers a modern, environmentally friendly and practical alternative.

June 2023 | Guide
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In this article, you will learn everything worth knowing about the electronic business card, also known as an E-business card or digital business card, and how you can create one for yourself in just a few minutes.

What is an electronic business card?

An electronic business card is a digital version of a traditional business card. It contains the same information as a traditional business card, such as name, company, position, phone number, email address, and address, but it can be stored and exchanged on various electronic devices.

The electronic business card also offers more space than the traditional business card to integrate additional information, such as social media links or company information. With the electronic business card, you can quickly and easily share and update your contact information, making networking more effective. One major advantage of the electronic business card is that it is environmentally friendly and practical, as it does not produce paper waste and thus saves resources.

How does an electronic business card work?

In an electronic business card, the information is digitally captured and can be shared through various channels such as email, QR code, or NFC.

Some providers of electronic business cards use iOS or Android apps that need to be downloaded and installed from their respective app stores. baningo cards, on the other hand, works purely through a browser, such as Chrome, Firefox, or Safari. No software installation is required to create or share the electronic business card.

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Efficient Networking

The electronic business card allows for quick and efficient exchange of contact information. It can be shared via email, QR code, or NFC, eliminating the need for manually typing in contact details. By distributing electronic business cards quickly and effortlessly, you can effectively maintain your network and establish new contacts faster.

The recipient of your electronic business card can either save it directly to their phonebook as a vCard or add it to their Wallet.

More Space

The electronic business card offers more space than the traditional business card. You can not only provide your contact information but also include links to your social media profiles or company website. This makes it easier for the recipient to learn about your company and facilitates further contact.

Find out the 6 must-haves for your professional business card.

Up-to-Date Information

Updating contact information with the electronic business card is very easy. You can update our digital business cards at any time, and the changes will be instantly reflected on all recipients' devices. Therefore, there is no need to print and distribute new business cards when contact information changes.

Simply create a free electronic business card here. You can find all the important information on how to keep the data on your card up to date on our Support Center.

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The electronic business card can be used for various purposes. It can be used and shared with a smartphone, via QR code, or NFC.

For example, when attending a trade show, you can easily integrate your electronic business card with a QR code on a banner or flyer, enabling you to establish contacts even faster and more effectively. For more ideas on how to use your electronic business card at conferences, check out: Networking at Conferences: Why Digital Business Cards are a Must.

How to Create an Electronic Business Card?

You can simply create an account online and create business cards for yourself and up to 10 team members for free and without obligation. Just click here to get started: Sign up for free now.

How to Share an Electronic Business Card?

There are countless ways to share your electronic business card with others. Here are a few options:

Sharing via Smartphone: Open a profile on your smartphone and click on the Share icon. A pop-up with a QR code will appear, which the recipient can scan.

You can also add your electronic business card to the home screen of your smartphone for easier access and better usability. Here you can find all the information on how to do it easily.

Using an NFC Business Card: Your electronic business card can also work with NFC (Near Field Communication) technology. You can conveniently order your desired NFC business card from our NFC Business Card Shop. The NFC business card can then be read by your business partner's smartphone to transfer the contact information.

Networking with NFC business cards


The electronic business card is a modern alternative to the traditional business card that offers numerous advantages. It is environmentally friendly, practical, and effective in networking. With the easy creation and distribution of an electronic business card, you can effectively maintain and update your network. Give it a try and experience the benefits of our baningo cards for yourself.

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